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Neshaminy, The Bucks County Historical and Literary Journal, seeks a nationwide audience, and is a joint effort of the Doylestown Historical Society and the Bucks County Writers Workshop. In addition to the editorial staff, the journal has a nine-member advisory panel to help evaluate submissions. General submissions are welcome, and while the material must touch on some aspect of historic Bucks County, it must also be of interest to a far-reaching range of readers.

In addition to verifiable non-fiction, the journal includes historically-based fiction, biographies, memoirs, interviews, poems, and art. Neshaminy publishes twice a year in April and October.

The journal may be purchased from in either print or digital versions, and, in Bucks County, from local bookshops, the Doylestown Historical Society, and other selected outlets.

Fall/Winter 2019

Volume 1 Number 1


• Publisher’s Note
• Managing Editor’s Note
• Poem: Nishën Mene (Neshaminy Creek) by H. A. Callum
• Fiction: The World Famous Bucks County Casino by William O’Toole
• Biography: Oscar Hammerstein, Highland Farm, and the Sound of Music: by Natalie Zellat Dyen
• Fiction: Behind the Rebellion by David Jarret
• History/Fiction: Cudjo’s Relegation by Flip of Guinea by Will Kirk
• History/Fiction: December Sunday, 1941 by Don Swaim
• Fiction: One April Day by Linda Wisniewski
• Fiction: The Battle of Paunacussing Creek by David Jarret
• History: The Lenape Stone by Don Swaim
• Poem: Portrait of Dorothy Parker by Connie Wrzesniewski
• Fiction: Recovered Diary Entries of Pearl S. Buck by Rachel Leopold and Reema Kalidindi, Central Bucks H.S. South
• Interview: James A. Michener by Don Swaim
• About the Contributors

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NESHAMINY JOURNAL WELCOMES SUBMISSIONS. Length should be no more than 6000 words. May be of any genre — non-fiction, fiction, biography, memoir, poetry — but must pertain to some aspect of Bucks County — and yet must be of interest to any reader, anywhere, even those unfamiliar with this historic region. Submissions must be properly formatted Word documents (double-spaced, 12-point serif type, etc.). Submissions will be judged on the basis of storytelling, quality, clarity, interest, and relevance to Bucks County. A contributor’s copy is given to the author of each submission used in the journal.

Authors published in Neshaminy retain their rights to reproduce, distribute, and revise their own works in any format as long as attribution to Neshaminy is included.

Electronic submissions only. Email with attachment to —



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Where To Buy Neshaminy

Neshaminy‘s inaugural issue published in October 2019. Available from: Amazon as well as at Bucks County, PA, area bookstores.

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Pat Achilles

An artist’s view of the famed Neshaminy Creek — with a Lenape Indian by the water.

Check Pat’s home page at: Achilles Portfolio

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Ron Moran, photographer extraordinaire

Check Ron’s page on Facebook

Ron is Neshaminy‘s staff photographer

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The awards, totalling $500 in cash prizes, were announced on August 1, 2019, by Nathan Halter, a member of the journal’s nine-member advisory panel.

Winning Entries
1) World Famous Bucks County Casino — Bill O’Toole
2) Oscar Hammerstein, Highland Farm, and the Sound of Music — Natalie Dyen
3) Behind the Rebellion — David Jarret

Honorable Mentions
4) December Sunday 1941 — Don Swaim
5) (tie) The Battle of Paunacussing Creek — David Jarret
5) (tie) The Lenape Stone — Don Swaim
6) (tie) Cudjo’s Relegation — Wil Kirk
6) (tie) One April Day — Linda Wisniewski

Article in the Bucks County Herald. READ HERE

Neshaminy book authors l-r: Don Swaim, Stu Abramson, David Updike, Bill Donahue

Neshaminy Editorial Staff


Stuart Abramson, President, Doylestown Historical Society

Executive Editor

Don Swaim, Founder, Bucks County Writers Workshop

Managing Editor

David Updike

Associate Editors

Bill Donahue

Bill Stieg

John Wirebach


Pat Achilles


Ron Moran

Advisory Panel

Carol Breslin, Colleen Dunn, Ann Kaler, Wayne Lahr, Jennifer Lin, Amy Mazzanti, Mary McCaw

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